Tuesday, May 31, 2011

San Di-ahhh-go

This weekend, Brian and I took a spontaneous 2-day trip to San Diego (thank you, Priceline!).  I didn't realize how much I, and we, needed a few days to just be tourists and walk and eat and sit and talk about nothing until we got there.  The whole weekend was like a big sigh of happiness.

{La Jolla}

We stopped at Cody's in La Jolla for lunch on the way down - super cute and the mahi mahi tacos were perfect for a summer day (chipotle creme...mmmm).

We went down to the Marina to check out the battle ship and this statue (a reproduction of the iconic WWII picture that you probably had hanging in your college dormroom in poster form).  It was quite fitting for a Memorial Day getaway.

{view from the Top of the Hyatt}
{totally natural.}

We had an unfortunate dinner experience that involved fuzzy leopard print wall paper and awkward photos that made me want to cover my eyes (let's just leave it at that), but then the Gaslamp Quarter redeemed itself with this bar - the Lincoln Room.  Good drinks, and good ol' Abe.  As a huge U.S. history nerd buff, Brian was impressed.

{can I get married again and hang lanterns from the ceiling this time?}

And on a side note - two things that are only acceptable in San Diego:
(1) Segways as a legit form of transportation (not just in the context of a tour)
(2) Jorts, anytime of day

Day 2 coming up tomorrow!


Shahrzad said...

Yay! I love these pictures. and la jolla. and the hyatt near the gas lamp.

Next time you must try George's-- one of my favorite places in SD.

PS are those new shoes? I like!

Shahrzad said...

PPS Brian's shirt is too cool for school.

CG said...

WHERE is this Lincoln Room!!! That looks awesome!

Ashley said...

Hey Sharz! I actually tried to make a res at George's but they were all booked up for the long weekend. I really want to go there though - maybe some time with you! And Brian's shirt is something I picked up at...wait for it...TJMaxx haha.

and Caro! The Lincoln Room is a new place in the Gaslamp. You would have loooved it!