Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Napa Lunch

Our day in Napa started, as any good day in Napa should, at Oakville Grocery.

{I believe I caused a traffic jam for this picture, but it was worth it.}

Then we went for a lovely afternoon of wine and picnicking at Rubicon Estate. (But shhh, don't tell them we picnicked there, apparently it's not allowed.  Blasphemy if you ask me.)

{Save the Date: Portofino 2012.  Clearly joking, but that'd be fun.}

{where the magic happens}

{I surprisingly loved the reisling}

Our afternoon ended, as any good day in Napa should, with desserts from Bouchon.  Sharz got macarons (the pistachio was my favorite); Les got a chocolate bouchon.

Oh, then we peeked inside Napa Style and I fell in love with these chandeliers made out of tea cups and saucers (so not my style, but I still love them), and Leslie told us stories about her adventures with giant metal canisters of olive oil in Italy.  Apparently, people have those in their homes there.  Or maybe just the family Leslie nannied for.  Either way, go Italy!

Lovely friends, lovely day.


Celia said...

Aw, looks like a beautiful day! You ladies are gorgeous. I love how the macarons look HUGE in the pic. :)

Brittany said...

Omg please go back and take me with you! I'll be on the next flight... Really. I'm serious I'm free anytime for this dear! And sharz and Leslie are required. I'm all for the wedding. Love your pics like always. So pretty.

Ashley said...

Celia - it was so good to finally meet you at graduation! Next time you visit, we should all go again!

And Brittany - I will always remember our ridiculous limo experience in Napa haha, such good times. Many more to come!

Shahrzad said...

I love these photos and the fact that you are so talented : )

Ashley said...

Aw thanks, Sharzy! It's easy when you have good models :)