Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reyoon: Double Bachelorette!

Where's the fast-forward button?

I've been giddy and distracted for days...Who am I kidding?  Weeks.  Ok, months!  All because this weekend is:

Melissa and Tasha's
Double Bachelorette Extravaganza!!!!  
{you might remember them from our fabulous Bahamian reyoon}

All I can think about is drinking champagne and dancing and laughing and hugging my very best friends!

Last time we did this bachelorette thing, it was me who was the "bride to" (see tiara below), and we were all headed to Vega$ with my two other fabulous bridesmaids, and my wonderful law school friends...

There was pool-laying and table-dancing, an awkward encounter with famous chef Rick Bayless involving confetti of a certain shape, a dinner in a private room at the Foundation Room thanks to Caroline and the mysterious Vegas concierge-woman Ricca, a run-in with M.C. Hammer, and a whole lot of other things that shall not be aired on the interwebs.  And then there was that time I told a guy who was oggling my friends that "they are all really smart, too," and then he bought us a bottle of Veuve.  Ha!

It was a party that made me THIS happy:

And I can't wait to repay the favor!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Snow White, the Ballet

{Please excuse me while I gush...}

Saturday night, Leslie and I went to the ballet at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and it was such a treat!


We went to see Blanche Niege (Snow White) performed by Ballet Prelojcaj, with costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier (yes!  for reals! ballet + fashion design!).  I don't even have to tell you it was incredible.  So so beautiful.  And not in the Disney Princess way.  At all.  It was raw, sexy, dark, modern.  (I think there was a ballet-style orgy at one point...)

See for yourself:



I left so impressed.  Impressed by the dancers, yes of course (ohmygosh their bodies and their grace and the way Snow White and the Prince's bodies moved like they were somehow part of one being!), but also impressed by the set design, the stunning costumes, the production.  It was all done so well.  The moment where Snow White is lifted through the air by her mother's spirit, or where the seven dwarves dance on a vertical mine wall -- those were so much about the lighting, the effects, the set, but in such a subtle way.  The same way that the choreography managed to blend modern and classic without a hitch.  It was breath-taking.


And I can't even think about the costumes without gasping!  The evil queen wore thigh highs and a bustier (omg she was so amazing).


And Snow White wore this insane fringe ball gown in the last scene:


White fringe!  I died.  Died.

All this talk is making me want to see it again.  It was really that good!  Plus, our tickets were under $40 a pop!

Seriously people, if you're in LA, take advantage of this show while it's in town.  It's so so worth it.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

This Weekend (via Instagram)

No, I didn't get an iPhone...I just stole Brian's :)

*mango-jalapeno cocktails at Plan Check*Sea kayaking in Marina del Rey*green glasses*thebestsushi EVER at Sushi Wa*margs on the roof*FarmShop (fave)*home

*Not pictured: two movies (yes TWO! in one weekend!) -- Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (unexpectedly good - so charming!), and Friends with Kids (unexpectedly bad - sorry, Maya, you know I love you girl).

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunrise on the Beach (in film)

I finally got my film developed from the morning I watched the sunrise on the beach...

For me, film really captures the peacefulness of that morning in a way that my digital (as much as I love it) just couldn't.  These are keeping me calm this Monday morning.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Zooey Sings

You guys, last night, Zooey Deschanel sang to me.  Yes, to me.  No matter that there were like hundreds of other people in the room.  We definitely connected.  I waved at her from across the room, she didn't was magic.  If only we had been wearing our matching pink coats.

 And a little sampling of Zooey's band, She & Him


P.S. Zooey Deschanel magicalness provided by The Alliance for Children's Rights - check them out!

Look Up

Nice 'do.

Happy weekend, friends!