Monday, May 16, 2011

A Graduation Picnic

{Tilden Park}

{our picnic area}

{the decor}

{flowers by Sharz!}

{wedding bubbles turned graduation bubbles!}

{old friends and new friends}

{graduate glamour shots by my mom}

{my favorite legal minds :) }

It was truly the best way to celebrate the end of the last three years.  I love you girls!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! Love the pics. XO Nicole

Lisa P. said...

Wow the decorations turned out amazing in the pictures! (And in person too but WOW they look good here!) I love love love these pictures and the bubbles and all the love :)

Julia said...

Hi there,
I love your pics. I'm also looking for a nice place to have a graduation picnic. Do you remember the name of your picnic area in the pictures? Or which part of Tilden it's in? Thanks! You've given me some good ideas.

Ashley said...

Hey Julia! Thank you! We had our picnic at the Fern picnic ground, and I would totally recommend it! It had 5 tables, a shady area, and a big open field, too, so it was perfect. I hope you have a lovely picnic!