Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Move-in Day

{sorry for the shitty iphone pic}

Life is a bit of a disas right now.  I'll be working on fixing it today (avec a bottle of white wine and some pandora via apple TV), and I promise to show you pics when it's all done and pretty (complete with DIY success stories woohoo)!

P.S. it's sunny and WARM here and I kind of never want to leave.


Leslie said...

Adorbs! ps. you're wearing a tank top!!! I'm SO ready for LA.

Ashley said...

OMG Leslie it's so warm! I even went on a run on the beach this morning and it was too hot to wear workout pants. Unreal.

CG said...

Is that the garage sale bar behind you? Is it actually making it down to LA?

Ashley said...

Yep that's it!!! It has a home, finally, and many pretty margarita glasses to fill it (thanks to Les!).