Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Past & Present


Have you seen the Past & Present project?  My friend Melissa sent this over to me the other day thinking I would like it, and she was right.  I am IN LOVE with this idea.  It's two of my favorite things combined - photography + city histories! 

Remember this post I wrote about San Francisco's cityscape and how it has such a mix of the old and new, and how it's all part of one story?  These Past & Present pictures remind me of that so much, but they demonstrate the point in a much more dramatically by having people hold up old photographs in the exact place they were taken.  You can see just how much has remained the same, and in some cases (look at the picture with the super old fire truck at the end!), how much has changed. 

This makes me want to go take a picture of my favorite street corner, and put it away for the next 50 years, just so I can come back to that corner and hold it up and see everything with new eyes.

Gosh, I could seriously look at these all day.

(So much for studying....)

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