Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bar Trip!

{taken at the market in Izmir in 2006}

It's booked!!!  A round trip to Istanbul!  With a few days in Izmir to visit my dad's family and go to a cousin's wedding - my first international wedding oh la la! - and a side trip to one? two? Greek Island(s)! 

There will be flying, driving, and sailing.  Turkish, and German, and English.  Times with family, times with friends, and times with just Brian.  Baklava, olives, and feta.  Markets and mosques.  Fishermen and tourists.  Moments of achey heart-warmingness (i.e. the first time Brian meets my grandma, watching other people get married, etc.), and moments of unthinking, unemotional bliss (i.e. lying in the sun on a boat off the shore of Santorini - this is not yet in any way in our non-existent "itinerary," but I will make it happen). 

Planned but unplanned.  Just the way I like it.

Europe, it's been too long; prepare yourself for one heckuva reyoon.

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