Friday, May 6, 2011

Meet My Mom, Anca

I used to think of Mother's Day as a day to say thank you to my mom for doing all of her motherly duties (plus some) with such love and humor.  But as I've grown up, I've come to see it as a two-part kind of holiday.  Yes, it is a day to appreciate my mom as my mom; but it's also a day to appreciate my mom as Anca.  So today I will bring you a two-part post.  This first part features my favorite old pics of my mom that I've collected from her albums over the years.  This one is about my mom, as Anca.  And as you can see, Anca is fab. 


{check out my parents' APW post for more of their wedding pics!}

And then I was born.  And this next series is why I love Anca as my mom.

{she had an awesome perm in the '80s, and she loved me even when I looked like this}
{she instilled in me early-on a love for picnics}

{she took me to the beach - the tidepools were my fave thing ever}

{she out-Ugged Uggs before they even existed}

{she always got me the best Christmas outfits AND she was friends with Santa!}

 {she rocked the original hipster glasses (and she got me chocolate ice cream - double win)}

{she threw a rocking birthday party}

{she wore Hammer pants and she taught me how to curtsy - clearly an important life skill.  P.S. did I tell you that I met Mr. Hammer himself one time in Vegas?  Yeah, that happened.}

{she owned - and still owns - this wig} 

{she had fab resort wear} 

{she suffered through every single one of my graduation ceremonies - in style}

{and she was the best non-mother-of-the-bride-y mother-of-the-bride ever (picture by Iris Bai; post-processing by me)}

And here's a shout-out to my also-fabulous grandma, Elena.  Always dressed to the nines, and always with a platter of baklava on hand.  As the mom of a mom, I feel like she should get a super extra Mother's Day award or something. (P.S. She made the coat I'm wearing here!  Oh, to have grandma skillz!)

Love you both!
Happy Mother's Day!


Kirsty {a safe mooring} said...

Aw, this is so lovely. And your mum is ROCKING! Some seriously stylish ensembles here. Love it.

(I've said it before and I'll say it again - your dress is heavenly. And now we know where you get your stylishness from!)

Vynuss said...

What a beautiful post Ashley!!!! :)
Your mother is gorgeous!

Ashley said...

Thanks, girls! I wish you both knew my mom because she is probably the coolest, funniest person you will ever meet. And HI Vy!! How are you?! So glad you commented!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that I am not the meanest mom ever? ha-ha. I am so proud of you! I sometime wonder if it is really my parenting or if you were born beautiful, smart and delightful!
Love you, mom