Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Normal Sunday

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This marks my first weekend as a graduate, and let me tell you, it is bliss.  Law school may not always seem like a great deal, but graduation?  Graduation is the best deal around.

I mean, all I had to do is hand over the label of "student," complete with debt, eyesight deterioration, and the occasional movie theater discount, and in return, I got (1) sweet presents, (2) the peace of mind of knowing that I'll never have to take a final exam again, (3) a piece of paper that says I'm awesome, (4) some letters to put after my name, and (5) the right to ask people to pay me real money for my time.  Best. Deal. Ever.

Plus, as a little added bonus, graduation also marks my return to the Gregorian calendar!  I will no longer have to rely on class periods, semesters, and holiday breaks to measure my time.  Now I have hours, months, and even seasons!

I almost feel like a normal person.  I even went to brunch today at Tart and had a bloody Mary (review coming soon!).  Today, as in Sunday.  Because I didn't have any reading or outlining or anything to do.  (Can you see me smiling through the screen yet?)  If I were religious, I would praise some version of God right now.  But I'm not, so instead, I will drink my Sunday cocktail and dance ecstatically around my apartment (that one's for you, Lauren!) and be thankful to the universe.

Cheers to Normality!

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