Monday, May 23, 2011

Celebrity Sighting of Celebrities Sighting Each Other!

Celebrity sightings make me smile. They always feel so surreal because, in my mind, celebrities are fake - they are just characters, not people (sorry, celebs).  So seeing one in real life is kind of like what I imagine it would feel like to see a unicorn.  But less crazy.

Well if celebrity sightings make me smile, you should have seen the grin on my face yesterday when I sighted TWO celebrities at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market, SIGHTING EACH OTHER!!!  It was so out of this world.  I kind of felt like I was having an out of body experience.  I will now recount the entire story to you so that you can join me in smiling disbelief.

Sunday morning, I woke up (after successive rounds of snoozing the alarm), and of course, my first thought is: coffee.  Coffee and food.  My second thought is: we have none.  So I complain to Brian, and he says we should walk down to Main Street and get some (always a problem-solver, that one), and I say, let's go to Urth.  On our stroll down to Urth, we realize, it's Farmer's Market Day!  Hurray!  My favorite kind of food establishment!  So Urth is out, farmer's market is in.

The SM farmer's market is much smaller than the SF Ferry Building farmer's market, but at least there was live music (strangely - white men playing steel drums in African garb...but whatevs, I'm not picky about my live music), decently priced produce, and a pretty impressive selection of food-making stalls, so I was happy.  (I'll skip over the part where there was a petting zoo and pony ride filled with little kiddies - suffice it to say that these could be major deterrents to future farmer's market visits if they are a weekly thing.)  Our first order of business was to buy an omelette with fried potatoes and sit down by a grassy area to eat it ("eat" is a delicate way to describe what occurred at this point).  A few bites later, I look up and see a very beautiful lady with her two little boys standing in front of me.  I mostly noticed her because her skin was so flawless and glowing, and in a few seconds, I realized I had seen her before - a celebrity! I thought, the smile and giggle already sneaking up on me.  But I couldn't place her in a movie or a TV show until a few seconds later, when who comes over to say hello but Madeline Zima!  Or in my mind, Mia from Californication.  They were surprised to see each other, and they hugged.

And then it all came together for me -- the woman with the beautiful skin, who Madeline Zima had just greeted was Natascha McElhone, who you might know as Karen, Mia's stepmom in Californication.  There were so many layers of craziness going on that I had a moment of brain overload.  In my mind, I had just witnessed Mia running into her stepmom, Karen, at the farmer's market, but in reality, it was Madeline Zima running into Natascha McElhone at the farmer's market, and then on top of that, I was observing it all, so I was experiencing what shall now be known as a celebrity sighting of celebrities sighting each other!  SO META.

{Natascha Elhone as Karen (with David Duchovny), via Daily Herald, and Madeline Zima as Mia, via Small Screen Scoop}

I'm hoping this is the first of many of such occurrences because really, it made my day.  Gotta love L.A.

P.S. The link on the word "Meta" goes to a blog run by a friend of mine from high school!  Go check it out - she's hilarious.


Shahrzad said...

yay for LA!!

Leslie said...

I want flawless glowing celebrity skin!!!

Ashley said...

@Sharz- yay for you coming to visit soon!

@Leslie - me tooooo! I was so jelly. I seriously wanted to go ask her what products she uses (or maybe she's born with it ha).