Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tart (Eric Greenspan's Pop-Up Menu)

Pancake lasagna.  Need I say more?

(No, but I will.)  If you're not drooling yet, let me tell you a little bit more about this delicacy from Tart's Pop-Up Menu by Eric Greenspan (the chef who started The Foundry on Melrose).  It starts with a fluffy pancake layer on the bottom.  Then a layer of fennel sausage - a little sweet, a little spicy.  Then another layer of pancake, followed by a layer of smokey, crispy bacon.  Then (you guessed it), a layer of pancake, with another layer of sausage.  The layers are all held together with a maple bechamel sauce (yes, mapel bechamel!).  Top with a layer of egg, smother in melted cheese, and you've got perfection.

Everything you're imagining in your mind came true.  It delivered.

{also, I got new shoes yay}

The best part about this dish?  It solves the perpetual brunch question: sweet or savory?  It's sweet, it's savory, it's salty, it's spicy, it's bready, it's cheesy, it's eggy.  It is the physical manifestation of BRUNCH.

The worst part?  It was only featured at Tart for the 3-day pop-up menu period, and I have no idea where you can get this elsewhere.

So if you are ever lucky enough to find this on a menu near you, order it for God's sake.

And if you're ever at Tart, (although I must note that it is in the most random location ever) order the regular bloody Mary (not the Spa one - turns out grapefruit juice does not belong in a bloody), and prepare to be knocked on your behind.  Oh, and also make sure you've got your hippie/hipster vibe on (remember what I said about the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and not wearing shoes?  Tart is kind of like that, but friendlier).

P.S. Sorry for the iPhone pics - I left my camera at home, and Brian obvi doesn't have any cool iPhone pic apps on his device (and I obvi don't have one of my own)!


Lisa P. said...

OH. mygod. OHMYGOSH!! I want your life. That looks AMAZING!!

CG said...

That is brilliant! Think of all the different styles of lasagna that could be created just by picking your favorite foods!?!? Fig, prosciutto and goat cheese lasagna....here I come.

Ashley said...

You better invite me over when you make that one, Caro! And Lisa, this brunch occurred before BarBri started, so don't be too jealous ha.