Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day the Right Way - Day 2

Growing up in NorCal, Memorial Day was never the charcoal-hamburgers-and-cold-beer-on-the-beach holiday that it was made out to be in all the ads.  No, Memorial Day in San Francisco is a cold let-down.  As the first day of the most anticipated season, it logically triggers visions of sunshine and sandals and outdoor shindigs in your mind, which only makes it more crushingly disappointing when you realize that this year is not any different than last, and in reality, Memorial Day just the first day of the three-month long San Franciscan  marathon of movie weather.  It's so bad that even if you decided to proceed as though summer existed on Memorial Day in SF, you probably wouldn't be able to see your burger through the fog to flip it.

So you can imagine how freaking excited I was to experience, for the first time, Memorial Day the way it is supposed to be - on the beach, in a bathing suit, with shades.  Summer on the beach.  Imagine that.

{Thousand Steps beach, somewhere in Orange County}


{these houses are 2 mini-quakes away from sliding into the Pacific, I swear}


SoCal (1) NorCal (0).

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