Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Parker Paradise

So I lied when I said I was going to post about Palm Springs "later today" ("today" being yesterday).  But today is a new day to procrastinate.  So here we go. 
Palm Springs.  Palm Springs is the kind of place that makes me wish I had more money.  A lot more money.  And the kind of place that makes me wish I could time travel. 

This was my first time in the resort town, and I had high hopes of ritzy espadrille-wearing beauties lounging under striped poolside umbrellas, egg chairs hanging from ceilings in mid-century mod living rooms, and ice-cold St. Germaine cocktails brought by waiters in salmon polo shirts.  It turns out that this old-time paradise does exist, but only at the Parker Palm Springs.  (Hence why Palm Springs makes me wish I had enough money to be a guest in one of the Parker's suites.)

We didn't make it to the Parker until the second day, when it was overcast, but the moment I stepped foot inside, I thought, THIS is Palm Springs.  It's everything I had been expecting, and frankly, had been disappointed in not finding at any other hotel or restaurant.  There were some highlights from the first day that I'll fill you in on later, but for today, I give you the glamourous and the fabulous from the Parker.

{Mod perfected.}
{Can I have this fireplace please?  Or the whole room?  Maybe I could just move in?}

And I finally got my hanging egg chairs!  It's my dream to have only these in my house.  Once you hang in an egg chair, you never go back.

 {It's the small things in life}

And my friend Shahrzad was nice enough to be my model for a shot - she's gorg :)

See what I mean?  Aren't you thinking THAT is Palm Springs?!  You should be.  And that's just the lobby.  Add brunch at Norma's, and you've got heaven, mid-century style.

{I'm in love with these colors!}

We had brunch at Norma's with Shahrzad and her friend Cyrus, and it was the best food I had all weekend.  Sharz had the sea-bass fish tacos (all of you who know Sharz are not surprised), and they were outstanding - light chipotle sauce and crispy fish.  The waitress said they were the best lunch item on the menu, and I don't doubt it for a second.  The brioche french toast also looked insane and huuuuge.  Plus, they had Jonathon Adler placemats and salt/pepper shakers - my fave!

And here's a little tour of the premises.  Be prepared to ooh and ahh in delight and envy.

{Wouldn't you like to stay THERE?}
{Pool perfection}
And some people shots taken in front of the hotel.  How awesome is that wall?

I feel like a salesperson for the Parker or something, but for reals, this is Palm Springs.  So go there.  Eat there.  Lounge there.  Be fabulous.

**Update: Cyrus found out that the ENTIRE resort was designed by Jonathon Adler! No wonder I love it!

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