Monday, April 25, 2011

Where in the World...

Well, it's Monday.  I would wish you a happy Monday but I'm just not that peppy of a person, and I'm pretty sure that's an oxymoron anyway (let's be real).

On this Monday, I'm wishing that I could be far far away from this dreary weather and this dreary finals period.  So let's talk travel.  The imaginary (and therefore, best) kind. 

Here's a thought for you: if you could live in a different place for each part of your day, where would it be?

I would wake up in Florence where the early morning streets smell like freshly baked cornetti (the deliciously edible kind, not the Medieval wind instrument kind of a similar name).

{the Duomo - maybe my fave picture ever}

I would go to work in Copenhagen.  On my bicycle.  (Please note: in my fantasy world I would be a much more coordinated human, and Tasha would be there to translate for me.)  I'm banking on the assumption that they have a law there mandating 2 hour lunch breaks.

{the Grand Canal in Copenhagen}

I would have lunch in a cafe in the old part of Lisbon - baccalau, Brazilian pastries, and a bay view please!  (I don't even need to point out that alliteration do I?)

{the view from Lisbon's old town}

I would go to happy hour in Madrid so I could snack on patatas bravas and real sangria (in a cave. Duh).

I would have dinner in Paris (I would also speak French in my imaginary world, so French waiters would be nice to me), and then I would have a crepe with nutella.
{My mom in Paris in the '80s.  Yes, my mom has a blog.  She's awesome like that.}

And then I would do a quick change and go out for the night in London because British people are just cooler.  (See Agyness Deyn for reference.)  So much cooler, in fact, that there is an online tutorial here that provides step-by-step instructions for how to make people believe you're British.  Yes, I just googled "British people are cooler."  (Also note: in my fantasy world, the dollar-pound exchange rate would be reversed.)

(I wish I had a picture of London at night but I don't, so I'll give you the above picture of London during the day, and the below picture of me and Brian at the Absolut Ice Bar in London circa 2006, thinking we were bad ass.  I'm sure that place is not even a thing anymore, but 5 years ago a bar made out of ice was a big deal, k?)

I would fall asleep in a little town on Lake Como. 

{from the boat taxi}

....Or maybe in Hanalei, Kauai.  Italian mattresses do kind of's a toss up.

{Hanalei Bay, taken on our honeymoon.  Did I tell you about that post I did at Polka Dot Bride?}

And I would spend my weekends in Santa Monica, right where I will be for good in a few short weeks.

{I think I might have taken this in Venice, but whatevs}

Where would you spend your day?

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