Monday, April 4, 2011

Fancy Pants

I love a good excuse to put on my fancy pants (or more likely, skirt), probably more than the next gal.  Fancy dresses, fancy finger food, and fancy cocktails are probably three of my favorite things.  So of course, I was so excited when Brian told me that his company was having a big celebratory gala, and even more excited when he told me that the theme was "From Hollywood to Bollywood" (visions of saris dancing in my head).

The party was on Saturday, and we met my friend Leslie, who came as a co-worker's +1, at our room at the W (very fancy schmancy, in keeping with the theme of the post).

{fancy windows} 

{fancy view} 

{fancy mirrors that I'm only a little obsessed with}

{fancy accessories}

And then, in my desire to document all fun parts of life, I insisted on a photoshoot on the window seat.  Thanks for putting up with me, friends.

{my fancy date - fo life}

So this party was on Treasure Island.  Have you ever been there?  When Brian first mentioned that that's where it was, I was like WHOA.  Treasure Island just sounds so...fantasy land, like maybe we'll find a pirate ship and exotic mer-women while we're there.  But then I was like whaaa?  Because, I mean, the reality of Treasure Island is that there's no there there.

But turns out Treasure Island is an awesome party locale as long as you have a gigantic clear tent, duh.


Pretty sweet, eh?  And the views!  Quite fancy.

I think my favorite part of the night were the Indian dancers in saris.  You must know how much I love saris!  I wanted to have an Indian wedding just so that I could wear one (or multiple), but no one else seemed to understand (can't imagine why not).  I think they just look so graceful and feminine and exotic.  And fancy.

 {how gorgeous are they?}

Or maybe my favorite part was the mini ice cream cones...hard to say.

{clearly excited by the revolutionary mini-cone concept}

They also had these uber trendy couches that look like normal comfy sofas, but then they're actually made out of hard plastic-like material.  I want them for my [non-existent] yard.  They are so cool.  But just a warning, sit softly.

{Leslie, looking lovely on the fancy way-too-cool sofa}

Oh!  And they had flipbooks!  As in, there were photobooths set up with props, and they would take a bunch of pictures in a row of you doing goofy things and then print them all into a flipbook.  Awesomeness ensued, and I'll let you imagine what that looked like (I may or may not have been doing the "Walk Like an Egyptian" dance).

Anyhow, eventually, the night progressed into a crazy-fun dance party (as all good nights do).

{I will spare you any actual pictures of us dancing}

And then, with a sudden switch of the lights, it came to an end (as all good nights must).

{fancy boa}

Other than the eel sushi (which really does not need to be discussed), it was an all-around smashing good time.

I wish every weekend was a fancy weekend.


Lisa P. said...

!!!!! Ohmygosh soamazing. Amazingness! And you got to stay at the W?! you fancy city folk are just so cool. I love it! And the clear tent!??! Necessary at all out-door parties from now on.

Ashley said...

Haha "us city folk." You would have loved it! P.S. Did you catch me a fox this weekend? I'm still waiting on my stole.

Celia said...

Love the pics- the party sounds fabulous! Also, I looooooove your coral dress. Did Leslie tell you we're doing coral for the bridesmaid dresses at my wedding? Super trendy, obvi.

Ashley said...

Hi Celia! Yes! I've been fully updated on the BM dress situation, and I love the coral! It will be perfect, and everyone can use a good coral dress :) I almost didn't give this one back to the friend I borrowed it from haha.

Can't wait to meet you in May!