Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nothing Rhymes with Orange but I Still Like it

Now that I have that off my chest, I have two light and happy posts for you today.  Get excited.  This one is about orange, the next one is about friends.  (I told you they were happy.)

LA has inspired a love for orange in me.  When I think LA, I think orange.  I'm not sure why.  (Maybe it's all the fake-tans?  JK.  Fake tans are not inspiring.)  Anyway, I've been drawn to the whole range of orange lately - from coral, to neon, to dusty, to burnt.  On side tables, on shoes.  It's just happiness.  So here is an assortment of orange-y pictures from my life.  Enjoy.


{SF Ballet}

{the strand, Santa Monica}

{my apartment}

{the GG Bridge}

{Barbara's Fish Trap, Half Moon Bay}

{Chrissy Field}

{Palm Springs}


Happy Thursday!  Don't forget to come back later today for a groundbreaking post (just for me, really) about the "friendship wreath"!


Brittany said...

Did you read my mind? Because today, I'm also obsessed with my orange shoes. Made my whole outfit around them... Today is the only day I've ever worn them - fate my dear.

Ashley said...

oooh I want to see them! you should send me a pic!