Thursday, April 28, 2011


{reflection in the Bahamas}

From literal to figurative.  You there yet?  Ok. 

I must admit that I am the worst when it comes to self reflection.  I remember becoming accutely aware of this weakness in high school religion class when we had to meditate at the beginning of each class session (that's a whole other post).  I think my record was like 10 seconds.  Seriously.  Since then, I've tried yoga, of the hot and not-hot varieties, and every time, I've failed to achieve whatever kind of peace of mind or mindfulness or present-ness or whatever you're supposed to feel when you ohm while simultaneously contorting your hips, inverting your head, and pressing your hands into prayer position (behind your back).  Quiet places don't bring me peace or make me want to think about anything other than how repressed I feel without noise.  Even filling out class evaluation forms at the end of the semester kills me.  I'm just too impatient to look back (I'm pretty sure I have undiagnosed ADD or something).

Well, this time, as my greatest almost-but-not-yet-accomplishment to date is staring me in the face, as is a move to LA, I am going to consciously take some time to reflect.  To think about the last three years -- what I want to take with me, and what I would prefer to leave behind (and how to do that).  I want to be able to take a step outside my head and consider the view of my life as it stands right now, and think about how I can make it even better in LA.  I'm really going to try.  I'll let you know how long it lasts.


Lisa P. said...

Good for you! As you know I am a long-proponent of self-reflection and evaluation. Then again, I love all yoga -- hot and non-hot varieties. But, both of these things you knew. I think it is an important step before any big move in your life. And I think you will be surprised at how refreshing a self evaluation feels. No need for yoga in 103 degrees, just some quiet thinking while you sit and sip on wine and stare out on a beautiful Bay view will be the exact same therapy. I look forward to seeing how it turns out. .

Ashley said... I like that kind of reflection. Post self-reflection, we should drink some wine and reflect on our reflections together.