Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Law School Goes Chic

{my gorgeous friend and fellow law student, Lisa, and her smashing new haircut by Lynn at L Salon, taken by me at UC Berkeley}

I'm into haircuts.  I love them.  I change my hair as often as it will allow (I only wish it would grow faster so I could fit in more hairstyle changes in a year!), and I am a firm believer that a haircut changes more than just how you look.  It changes how other people treat you, and it changes how you see yourself.  It challenges you to push through your insecurities and be someone you always wanted to be but thought you couldn't.  It's an easy, no-consequences way to reinvent yourself and to push the boundaries of your comfort zone.  And the best part is, it always grows back just the way it started.  (I bet you didn't know haircuts could be so profound now did you?)

So of course, when my friend Lisa told me she wanted to cut her loooooong straight hair and donate 13 inches of it to Locks of Love, I was all about it.  I helped her choose photos for inspiration (Mia Farrow, Kelly Framel, Katie Holmes, Audrey Hepburn), and set her up with an appointment at L Salon with the only stylist who has touched my hair for the last 6 years, Lynn (whose real name is Lisa, too, but let's stick with Lynn at least for clarity's sake).

And now look how chic she looks!!!!!!!

I am in love.  The big glasses??  So chic it hurts.

But a successful "after" picture does not a makeover story make.  Don't you worry, you can bet your bottom dollar (what does that even mean?) I was there to document the before and all the in-between of this transformation.  I'll be back with pictures from the salon, and Lisa will be here to tell you all about it in a few days!  A guest post of sorts, but really just my friend writing on my blog :)

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