Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Melissa + Mike

Well, that's done.  And on to the fun!  

Today, I have a bunch of pictures to share that I am so so excited about.  Let's start with a little introduction.  These are my friends, Melissa and Mike.

And they're engaged!

And!  They let me take engagement pictures for them! 

This was my very first time doing a photoshoot for a couple, and I could not have asked for a better scenario.  I mean, first of all, Melissa and Mike are the most beautiful people ever.  And secondly, Philly is engagement picture central.  The whole city is covered in these artsy mosaic murals - I could not have thought of a better picture background!!  Seriously, it's like someone planned this city for cute pictures.

This one alleyway we found was pure photography gold.  I could have just shot there for hours.

Then we took a walk to Delancy Street for some old school brick charm.

And we found some fabulous doors.

This last one is my absolute fave!

Thanks, friends, for letting me be a part of your engagement!  I am so excited for you :)

P.S.  After this little shoot we went out to Han Dynasty in Old City for dinner, and it was some of the most DELICIOUS chinese food I've ever had.  It came recommended by Joy (of Oh Joy! blog fame), and it definitely lived up to her review!  If you're in Philly, go get some dan dan noodles!


Esther Fundora said...

Ashley, what beautiful pictures! We have enjoyed them so much! You are truly an artist! Thank you for setting the mood for our family's special event!!

Ashley said...

Hi Esther! I'm so happy you like the pictures! It was such an honor and so much fun to take them for Melissa and Mike, and I can't wait to celebrate with you at the wedding!

Terry Longueira said...

just finish seen all this pictures they are beautiful !!!! love the scenario and the gorgeous couple in it, outstanding photographer, beautiful city!!!