Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Houston Part III: Tom and Jessie Get Married!

Today, I'm finally getting to the point of this whole weekend trip to Houston: celebrating the marriage of our college friends, Tom and Jessie!

Tom + Jessie and Brian and I go way back to 2006, when I set Brian and Tom up to be roommates in the apartment above the Fish Pub in Florence, and we all became the best of friends in the wonderland of study abroad.

{bromance budding in Firenze}

While we were there, we took an unforgettable trip to Paris together (with Caroline, too!) where we rowed a boat in the Versaille pond, drank wine from baby bottles, and ate way too much cheese fondue.

Back in real college, Jessie and I had fabulous times together, too, especially our senior year when Brian and Tom lived in the same apartment complex.

And last weekend, Tom and Jessie tied the knot, and we were so happy we could be there to celebrate!

Jessie asked me to take a few pictures at their rehearsal dinner, and obviously I was thrilled.  (You all know that I wouldn't have been able to stop myself from documenting the whole experience, anyway.)  It was a beautiful night at Brennan's of Houston.  We shared a delicious meal, a hilarious slideshow, and heart-warming speeches.

{redefining the meaning of "mom shoes" - MOB on the left and MOG on the right}

The next evening, Tom and Jessie said vows, Brian stood as Tom's groomsman, and we partied like it was 2008.

Congrats, Tom + Jessie, and welcome to Marriedland!

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