Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Broome Street General Store

Thanks to this charming Silverlake establishment, you will never again have to make two stops to pick up your fried chicken and your Keds.

The Broome Street General Store is a one-stop hipster shop.  As I'm sure has become quite clear to you, I am way too square to run with the hipster crowd.  But as a (self-proclaimed) semi-professional eater, I know enough to know that where hipsters go, there is usually good food.  So of course, when I heard that the Silverlake kind have been flocking to this shoppe (I just like it better with two p's and an e), I followed.

And I was not disappointed.  There was GOOD food.  Fried chicken, to be exact.  Yes, every Friday, the Broome Street General Store sells a fried chicken lunchbox deal that comes with two giant portions of the best ever fried chicken, a tomato-peach-burrata salad, and a dense dark-chocolate brownie, all made by Cube.  The chicken was crispy, not too greasy, and had a spicy kick; the salad was fresh and light (well, it tasted light, despite the massive amount of burrata), and made me feel less like a teenage boy while eating my fried chicken.

{would you like some deep-V tees with your imported fig preserves?}

The brownie was good (it's hard to screw up a brownie, really), but the gourmet homemade Oreo made by Cake Monkey Bakery in LA stole the show for me.  The cream had an almond flair to it, and it is now on my list of most favorite desserts (the one in my head).

{when I grow up, all I want is to own spices like this, and have room to store them}

Also, you should know that the couple who runs this store is perhaps the cutest foodie couple I have ever met.  The wife gave us samples of chocolate-covered almonds because she said they were just so outrageously good that we had to try them, and she had the cutest short haircut, kind of like Lisa's here.  And her husband (aka my favorite fried chicken man) gave me a few restaurant recommendations to try out, including Blair's across the street (which my friend, Leslie, already tried and said was amazing)!

{hungrily awaiting my chicken}

If you're in the Silverlake area and you haven't been here for the Friday chicken, get yourself there!  And maybe pick up an antique tea set while you're at it (they have those, too).

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