Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Randoms (again)

Yep, my life is still filled with random chaos.  So here I go again with the slew of randomness that I've been holding in all week -

*Is anyone else deeply disturbed by the fact that there is now a Maternity section in Forever21?  I'm still at the age where I capitalize the M in Maternity.  And I'm the oldest person in Forever21.  Therefore, this is NOT ok.

*German is so hot right now.  Have you noticed?  The food, I mean.  Trendy sausages are taking over.  i.e. Bruhaus in Brentwood.  (Try the tequila habanero chicken sausage!)

*Did anyone else watch Ellen yesterday and notice that country singer Jarrod Niemann's has a tambourine player in his band?  Wouldn't that be the best job ever?  New life goal.

*I have a problem with museum audio tours.  First of all, I resent the fact that when I walk through a museum, all I can hear is the tssssk-tssssk-tsssssk escaping from those lousy headphones they hand out.  Beyond that, it's really creepy as a non-audio tourer to be surrounded by headphone-wearing zombies.  They just sort of wander, and then stand for entirely too long in front of every. single. painting.  The worst is when they laugh out loud to themselves, headphone syndrome blocking out any awareness of personal voice volume.  And there's just something so unsettling to me about the idea of following instructions in a museum.  Isn't half the point of a museum visit to find your own way of understanding the exhibit?

*On the topic of art, a favorite quote from Pablo Picasso (as seen decaled on the wall at the De Young Picasso exhibit): "Art is a lie that makes us realize truth."  Can someone on etsy make this into a print for me?  That'd be great, thanks.

What are your plans for this weekend, friends?  I'm heading to Houston on a painfully early flight this morning for a friend's wedding!

See you back here Monday with some Southern stories to share!


CG said...

Agreed. And, what disturbed me even more was to realize that the maternity section was a better fit than regular forev styles.....don't judge my new cover up for santa cruz :)

Ashley said...

I kind of love that you tried on clothes from the maternity section haha! And I do not judge, don't you worry. After the weekend I just had, elastic waist bands sound perfect.