Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Feast Fit for a Cowboy

You know how they say you should never eat something bigger than your head?

Well, they're wrong.  If it tastes like this did, then you should eat as much of it as you possibly can.  And then eat the left overs the next morning for breakfast (yep).

Lest you think we are gluttons, I should explain that we don't usually eat like this.  (And by "like this," I'm referring to the 4 sticks of butter, 1 pint of sour cream, 5 strips of extra thick bacon, 1 pound of cream cheese, and the handful of unnecessary grated cheddar that made this meal a feast fit for a cowboy.)  

But yesterday was a special occasion -- Brian's birthday!  When I asked him what he wanted for dinner, he first insisted on a "roast" of some kind.  As a girly cook, I have no idea what that means, so luckily, I convinced him that a "roast" would be too hearty for a summer dinner, and that maybe he should consider something more seasonally appropriate (Me: "a roast? ...umm...isn't that something people in the movies eat at holidays? ...).  So steak and potatoes it was.  And where else to turn when faced with making a man-meal but to the Pioneer Woman?

I am not a devout Pioneer Woman (aka Ree Drummond) fan like many of you probably are, and this was the first time I have used her recipes.  But now?  Now, I'm a true believer.  She really does know the secrets to man food; I mean, fried onions in potatoes?  And Lawry's seasoned salt on your steak?  As a snobbish eater, I was skeptical to say the least.  But I did it, for Brian's sake.  And it was so wrong, and so right.  Fatty, salty, heavy, cheesy.  So easy, and so guiltily good.  I salute you, Ree, and your cowboy recipes.

And this cake.  I cannot even talk about this cake.  There are about 8 pieces left over in my fridge, so I suggest you come over and have some ASAP.

Fresh strawberry filling (you mash them with sugar and let them get all juicy) and cream cheese frosting.  It's even better than what you're picturing in your head.  Please make this recipe immediately.  And bring your extra frosting over here.

This meal was so big that it prompted Brian to ask if he could just roll off his chair and sleep on the floor instead of having to walk the 5 steps to bed.  Lesson: eating like a cowboy is hard work.


Leslie said...

My friend Julia made the strawberry shortcake for the Fourth and she said it was to-die-for.

And yes, Ree knows how to cook. If cooking is defined as using butter and all things delicious.

Ashley said...

I'm bringing the leftovers to your new apartment tomorrow so you can join in on the feast!