Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Randoms

I hear it's Friday today.  My mind has been a bit all over the place lately, like I'm continuously trying to re-orient myself to post-bar life (that could also be my brain, actually trying to orient itself, considering that I have the worst sense of direction of any living person).  And so, since this blog is basically an extension of my consciousness, today will also be a bit disorganized, a bit random, and mostly a smattering of unrelated life updates.  Let's just call it honest writing or something smart-sounding like that.  Yesterday is a good place to start.

*Yesterday, I walked to TJMaxx, spent all the money I could bear to spend, and then walked back home on the beach with my feet in the Pacific.  It was a perfect 77-degree sunny so-cal day, and the old hippie man played Tiny Dancer on his guitar while I sat and put my sandals back on.  Maybe it was just the retail therapy high, but it was a totally surreal moment of calm happiness.  One of those moments where you just feel satisfied with everything.  If I hadn't been alone and carrying a giant TJMaxx bag, I would have danced.

*Yesterday was also the day I made The Best Leftovers Ever.  I heated the remainders of the restaurant style smashed potatoes I made from Pioneer Woman's recipe in a skillet, then added some sliced and browned chicken sausage, heaped the mix on a plate, and topped with two fried eggs and some grated cheddar (because why not?).  It was in.sane.  There are no pictures because it was devoured within seconds of plating.

*My local Whole Foods was featured in one of the funniest YouTube videos I have ever seen.  (And that actually means something because I find most of those viral YouTube vids to be entirely forgettable.)  Seriously, watch it.

*Today, I'm helping my friend Leslie move into her new LA apartment, and we're going to eat THIS delicious fried chicken (accompanied with some burrata salad) from Broome St. General Store in Silverlake for lunch.  I only wish I had purchased some hipster Tom's to wear for the occasion.

Happy Friday friends!  See you next week!


Rachel said...

I LOVE that Whole Foods video - seriously funny. And even better because I know what a pain in the ass it is to park at the Venice store.

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh iiiii know! I've seen more than a few fender benders in that parking lot (luckily I haven't been involved in any yet)! It is really the worst parking lot ever. And that video makes me laugh so hard!