Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Tidbits

{in the lobby of La Colombe d'Or in Houston}

After a few Fridays of randomness, I've decided I kind of like the random tidbits.  There are so many little moments I want to share, and there's really no other way to share them. So I might keep these Friday posts around unless you protest.  Here we go again -- 

*Overheard on the strand (the path that runs down the beach):  shirtless, long-haired rollerblader man wearing nothing but neon yellow spandex shorts yelling at lady riding on a stair stepping bike (the new craze) as he speeds past her: "That's bullsh*t!  Get a f*ing bike!"  ONLY IN LA.

{stair stepping bike via}

*I impressed the little old Asian man who works at the Trader Joe's cashier so much with my fruit and veggie choices on my shopping trip that he proposed marriage to me on behalf of the bagger, Robert.  Apparently, my healthy eating choices make me prime wife material.  I was flattered.  Then hated myself for being flattered (omgI'msuchagirl).  Then I confused myself, and was thankful to have olive skin to hide the blush.

*I discovered the way to a man's heart on Tuesday: Don Draper ice cream from the Lake Street Creamery food truck.  Vanilla, caramel, bourbon, and smoke.  Yes, smoke.  Take note.

*I think the Bar exam aged me about 50 years.  When I wake up in the mornings, I immediately turn on GMA (Good Morning America, for those who have not yet developed a penchant for octogenarian humor), and just yesterday, I caught myself chuckling all alone in my apartment over a commercial.  I wish I were kidding.  I think I need a spontaneous trip to Vega$ or something.  Any takers?

*Speaking of GMA, guess who the musical guest was on Thursday?  LMFAO.  For reals.  Can we all just agree that there is a place and time for teal-bedazzled pants, belly shirts, white-framed hipster glasses, and techno dance moves, but 8AM with George and Robin is NOT it.  Seriously, ABC.  Just accept that you're not in with the young crowd anymore.  It's getting awkward, and I hate being forced to cringe before lunch. 

*I hate how finishing a really good book feels like losing a group of really good friends.  I just finished The Help yesterday, and this morning I was so disappointed that I couldn't catch up on Aibileen and Minny's lives...I know, I really am 25 going on 80.

I've got family in town from France this weekend and I'm excited to show them around (despite the oddly unsummery summer weather we got going on right now in LA).  Happy weekend to all of you!


Brittany said...

Did you say vegas????? call me...

Ashley said...

oh brit - i can always count on you! if you decide to forget about your job and want to join me on any weekday (when it doesn't cost $5billion), i'm so in!

CG said...

I think I might be worse off than you...I just had to look up who LMFAO is. Word.

ps. Should we have an anniversary of Ashley's bachelorette and ALL go back to Vega$ next spring?

Brittany said...

um, well how am i supposed to reunite with MC hammer on a WEEKDAY?? lame. I think Caroline has a pretty good idea here...

Ashley said...

bachelorette that is a fantastic idea.