Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oscar's Cerveteca/Take 2

Remember when I said Oscar's was...disappointing?  Well, after some controversy in the comments section, and a personal invite from Oscar himself to give the place a second shot (I'm kind of a big deal around here...jk), I made it back to Oscar's last Saturday.  I walked over with Brian and Leslie (that friend of mine who just moved to L.A.), figuring that if the food still left much to be desired, we could always go across the street to the mysterious Mexican place that looks like a liquor store but could really be a sketchily delicious meal waiting to happen.

But there was no need to venture anywhere this time.  Things have changed at Oscar's -- fewer iPod Touches, better food.

First change -- they have these little fold-up tables on the inside now so when you wait, you can at least have a place to put your drink now.  Oh yeah, they have those now, too -- drinks.  Wine and beer, hooray!  So that's a second change.

{beer!  and chicken empanadas that really were just vehicles for that unreal mayo}

Third change -- the menu.  Some items are the same, like the Southern burger (we didn't order that one again), but there are some new additions that turned out to be really tasty, like beer-battered shrimp with a citrus butter sauce.  So butter-drippingly good that it comes with a towelette, and you'll need it!

Last time, I thought the fish tacos were bland and underwhelming.  But this time, the pork tacos were so flavorful, soaked in a spicy, tangy sauce.

And the corn on the cob smothered in butter, chili powder and parm?  That smile says it all.

It was truly a fab dinner.

Hats off to you, Oscar's, for changing my mind!  I'll be back again soon!

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Leslie said...

Oh that butter-glazed smile!