Friday, July 1, 2011

The W

Remember when I said I was going to the W Hollywood for a Duke Alumni event and I got all excited about getting to meet Grant Hill?  Well here's where I recount that fabulous celebrity meeting, right?  Unfortunately not.  In fact, I have several things to apologize for in today's post:

1. Grant Hill was in fact not present at our alumni event.  Brian seems to have lied miscommunicated.

2. I left my SD card at home -- seriously devastating.  I actually considered going home to get it but that would have been craziness in LA traffic.

3. I have like zero minutes right now to write you something that really encapsulates the coolness of the W Hollywood.

But, let it be known, this was the most awesome alumni event I could ever imagine.  There was an all-Duke band that was really legit (Delta Rae, also so emo in that picture) - I was impressed! - and a LOT of people showed up, including a few girls from my sorority that I haven't seen in years!  Mostly, it was just refreshing to see so much Duke spirit since generally, outside of Duke's stone walls, everyone's a hater (or a poser).  And it also just felt nice to be able to relax around people with a common experience to bond over.  It made me feel a little bit less lost in this big city.

And now, here's all I've got for eye candy.  Please don't kill me for putting up these iPhone pics.  Just know it hurts me more than it hurts you.

That's all for today my pretties, but oh man do I have a surprise for you on Monday.  (Spoiler: a guest post in honor of the 4th!)  I'm SO excited about it.  And you should be too!  Happy FRIDAY!


Quinn said...

Elaboration (unsatisfactorily) satisfied.

Ashley said...

I blame Brian. Total celebrity sighting fail.