Monday, July 11, 2011

Help Support Warm Current!

Today I'm going to take a little break from talking about myself *gasp*, and give the spotlight over to one of my favorite organzations: Warm Current.

Warm Current is a non-profit co-founded by one of my friends from law school, Quinn Rotchford, and inspired by a hope to "spread the pure joy of ocean recreation to individuals who otherwise could not afford it, both in our local communities and around the world."  They've got a good thing going.

It all started when Quinn spent some time traveling around South America with some of his friends, and on his return, he was inspired to do something to benefit the children living in the coastal communities who didn't have the luxury to be able to experience the ocean and surfing like he did.  Most people would write a check and send it on its merry way to "Children's Charity Inc.," but Quinn and his friends did something bigger.  They started their very own 501(c)(3).  (Yeah, they're that kind of people.)  Brian and his little brother have been helping out with the operation, too (so maybe we're almost kind of those kind of people?).

To date, Warm Current has donated over 250 wetsuits to underserved communities all over the world including Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Morocco.  And they also run surfcamps in the Pacific Northwest (Quinn's home territory) for underserved and at-risk youth.

{surf camp kiddos}

Awesome, right?

If you like what you've heard and you're in an altruistic state of mind, I've got some info for you on how you can lend a hand.  From now until July 31, Warm Current is running a campaign called the "Faces" campaign.  It works like this: you donate $5 toward the purchase of a kids surfcamp trailer, and you submit a message or photo along with it; then when Warm Current buys the trailer, they make a mosaic to decorate the side of it out of all the pictures and messages submitted (kind of like this -- did you see that YouTube montage?); then the happily decorated trailer travels around to start up kids surf camps and spreads oceanic joy all over the world.  If you're the shy type, you don't have to submit a picture of yourself -- it can be a picture of a nice sunset, your dog, yo mama, whatevs.  If you're not feeling the mosaic thing but you still think Warm Current is awesome (it is), then click here to find other ways you can help out (and I know your girlfriend will thank me when you get rid of that old wetsuit that's been stinking up your apartment).

Thanks for tuning in and for all of your help!

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