Friday, June 24, 2011


{Lipstick.  On Lisa.}

Guess who I get to meet this weekend...Guess!  GRANT HILL.  What, you don't know who that is?  C'mon guys.  He's only the most famous among Duke fans basketball player of all time.  Also apparently a movie producer?  Generally, a baller (get it?), and I think we get to screen his movie, too.

And guess where I get to meet him...the W Hollywood.  Ooooh la la I'm ironing my fancy pants as we speak.  Thank you, Duke Club of SoCal, for stepping it up.

Oh, and if you weren't already jelly, tonight I've got a hot date with my BarBri books.  I might even get a few minutes with my flashcards.  Man, my life is great.

Any plans you want to share, my loves?


Lisa P. said...

Eeek I love this picture! (yes, I'm commenting on my own picture :)). P.S. One of my best friends, Brittney, lives in LA and her friend manages one of the restaurants on your LA list --- I will see which one it is and get back to you!

Quinn said...

This whole Grant Hill scenario demands elaboration