Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thanks [Sharz]

Today's top search terms:

"ashley newly la lawyer crazy girl"
Fairly accurate portrayal except I'm not really a lawyer yet, but I'll take it.

"ashley newly la giant nerd"
Less enthused about this one.

"beautiful woman in bar/bri berkeley 2011"
Why yes, that IS me.


Leslie said...

I think if they were looking for the beautiful woman in Berkeley Bari/Bri they were probably using your blog to get to me :)

Ashley said...

i guess if there were a comma involved i would have a better claim, huh?

Leslie said...

Nerdiest comment ever. We've sunk so low.

Ashley said...

It's really saddening. If you could only see me right now, highlighter on my elbows, in full-out spandex, grasping my bag of M&Ms....