Monday, July 18, 2011

Come Away With Me

{SFO's not-so-new-anymore terminal}

I want to arrive and not know where I am.  I want to step off a plane and hear gibberish on the overhead announcements.  I want to hail a cab that isn't yellow.  I want to feel the clumsy bulk of a Let's Go book my purse.  I want to make plans, and then get lost and discover something better.  I want to see the days flying past, but know there's no rush.  I want to feel the wind blowing over a different ocean.  I want to fall asleep to an unfamiliar rhythm.  I want to feel foreign.

Foreignness is my comfort zone, as backwards as that sounds, and right now, I want nothing more than to be there and not here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ashley,
I chose this random blog entry to comment on totality of your blog. I love your writing-it's funny, introspective, insightful, and WISE beyond your years. You made me laugh, you made me cry and you made me THINK.
Congratulation on all your achievements and good luck on bar exam.
Love to you and Brian.

Ashley said...

Irena - what a compliment! I'm so happy that you've been reading along and you like my writing and care about what I have to say! This is what makes me want to share :)

Amanda said...

Ashley... I completely understand, the need for travel, for getting lost in a new place and magically discover things. Just go to a new city, even if not so far from where you live, it does the trick :)

Ashley said...

Hey there Amanda! The problem for me right now is that the Bar exam has made all fun things, like travelling, impossible for the next little while! But as soon as it's over, I'm totally following your advice :)