Friday, July 8, 2011

Did You Find What You Were Looking For?

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One of the best parts of writing this blog is getting to see the behind-the-scenes search terms that lead you lovely readers to my corner of the internet.  Yes, in case you didn't know it, I get to see the trail you leave that gets you here.  (Creeped out yet?)  Oh, you thought there was still some thin screen of privacy between your laptop and mine allowing you to keep a semblance of dignity in your internet persona?  Sorry to burst your bubble, but your secrets are not safe with Google.*  JK.  Kind of.

Anyway, this week was an especially amusing week (for me) over in the Stats tab.  For these hapless searchers, I imagine it was less amusing and more dissatisfying when they washed up on this blog.  But now, their misfortune will become your amusement.  So here are my three fave searches of the week:

"basketball player who wears lipstick" -- Well yes, I did mention a basketball player, and I did entitle a post "Lipstick," but sadly, I have nothing to offer you that combines those two things.  I wish I did, though, because I think that a basketball player wearing lipstick would greatly enrich my content.

"ashley bachelorette ace hotel palm springs" -- hmm maybe someone is planning a second, post-marriage bachelorette party for me?  (If so, you have my full endorsement.)  But if you were just trying to stalk pictures of me at my bachelorette party, I can assure you that that is a futile exercise as I am not so naive as to allow such indecencies to escape into the interwebs.  And it wasn't at the Ace Hotel.  Oh, you were looking for one of those other gazillion Ashley's in the world, who actually was cool enough to have her bachelorette party at the Ace.  Yeah, sorry for sidetracking your search; I'll get out of your way now.

And my ALL-TIME FAVORITE: "celebrities playing with each other."  Oh man.  Looks like I've really accomplished something meaningful here on this blog of mine.  I'm so glad that these are the kinds of searches that bring y'all over.

With that, I wish you happy searches and happy weekend.

* Don't get me wrong -- I think Google is FAB.  Clearly, I am using their blog platform.  And their email platform.  And many of you use their search platform to find me.  Plus, Google Preschool.  Yeah.  Best company ever?

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