Friday, July 15, 2011

First Fridays (Two Fridays Ago)

For those of you who don't live in L.A., First Fridays is an event on the first Friday of the summer months where all the stores and art galleries on this main street in Venice (Abbott Kinney) stay open late and food trucks flood the streets.  It's like a frat party for 20-somethings who like to pretend that they're really there for the art.  I kind of love it (except for the part where the streets get too crowded for my claustrophobic self...but before that, I love it).

Just a few snaps from the galleries we peeped in:

Collages using wheatpaste from the Faile Artist Collective, aka artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller out of Brooklyn.

 {I feel awful but I lost the flyer I had picked up with this artist's name on it.  If you recognize his/her work, give me a shout!}

And in case you were overwhelmed by all that culture...

{This time around we had pork buns at the Flying Pig food truck, but there's always a next time.}

Something for everyone here in L.A.

Happy Friday!

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