Thursday, March 24, 2011


On Tuesday I got lucky enough to snag some tickets to the Lakers-Suns game (I know, who am I, right?), so obvi I brought my camera because what else is there to do for the first half of a basketball game?  For reals though, this game lasted around 4 hours and went into triple overtime!  I think that's the longest athletic event I've ever attended.

This was my frist time trying to photograph a sports event and it was really hard!  They just kept moving!  (I suppose that is the point....)

Also, it turns out there's a lot less audience participation in NBA games than in college games.  Wait, I take that back.  There are spurts of intense audience participation, but only from obnoxious pre-teens desperate to get their faces on the stupid jumbotron.  (Brian seriously almost threw his shoe at this brother-sister pair that danced like it was 1999 every time they did the audience cam thing.)

But I still had fun chowing down on various junk foods dipped in fake cheese and scouting for celebrities.  I spotted Jack Nicholson on the other side of the arena, and I think I saw Chloe Kardashian from a distance (but not close enough for me to run after her screaming "let's be friends!!!" thankfully).  Oh, and I walked right past Busy Philipps.  Don't know who that is?  Yes you do.  You just didn't know she had such

My favorite part was at the end when gold and purple streamers fell from the ceiling when we won!  (Note my use of "we" - I'm so LA right now.)

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