Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Ramblings

I volunteered for the first time here yesterday!
It's part of an organization founded by Dave Eggers
that tutors students and puts on writing workshops for kids.
It was exciting to be doing something new and community-oriented
and the kids were so funny :)

I sat in my office yesterday morning
and maybe cried just a little over this video.
There is something intensely touching
about the moment she sees him.
(Or maybe her red dress is just so beautiful it makes me cry.  Also possible.)

My parents are in town this weekend!
We're going to Tavern for dinner,
and I'm hoping for bike riding weather!

Happy Weekend!

1 comment:

Lisa P. said...

Oh my gosh I was just catching up on Cup of Joe and saw this video and cried and had to share it and now I see it on here! It is so intense. It's incredible. Yay for volunteering. See you SOON. xoxo