Friday, June 22, 2012

5 Drinks, 25 Miles

Last weekend, Brian and I discovered our new favorite Saturday pasttime -- Beach Cruiser Bar-Crawling!  The perfect combination of my favorite things (beach, my new bike, and of course, day-time margs).  Plus, it's kind of an unintentional workout (my favorite kind)!

The route: Ocean Park to Manhattan Pier (and back again).

The stops:
Venice Alehouse -- Bloody's and brunch (wild-caught Alaskan salmon sandwich please!)
El Torito (Marina del Rey) -- surprisingly one of the best skinny margs around
Brew Co. (Manhattan Beach) -- lots o' beer (or if you're me, another skinny marg :))
Venice Whaler -- tequila sunrise as the sun sets (irony?)
Shutters -- champagne & oysters

I'm gearing up for Round 2 this weekend with our friends visiting from SF.  You may want to stay off the beach path this Saturday. . . .

Have a fun weekend friends!


Mr. Cooper said...

Did a truncated version of this today! Thanks for posting!

Ashley said...

Awesome! Glad you got to do a re-do :)