Monday, April 29, 2013

Model Parents

I love having my parents in town, and getting to show them my life here in L.A.  It's even better when they let me practice my photog skills on them :)


They're pretty awesome models, right?

And one of me and Brian taken by my mom, the original photog of the family :)

We spent the weekend on the West side --
toured around Venice on Saturday,
saw the canals and ate at FEED,
where the healthy bowls were a hit (although it was super noisy that night).

Sunday we rode bikes on the strand,
north toward Malibu.
And stopped along the way to admire the beach views.
We had dinner at Tavern
(one of my all-time L.A. faves),
and my parents headed off for a play at the Geffen.

Having the people I love around me
makes this life in L.A. even more awesome than it already is,
and I miss them already!

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