Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Best Job In The World


Have you heard of the Best Job In The World contest hosted by Tourism Australia?

I hadn't until a couple months ago.  I heard about it from a girl at the Arboretum who was shooting a video.  I asked her what it was for, and she said it was to apply for the Lifestyle Photographer position as part of the Best Job In The World contest.

After that conversation, Brian was all, "you should apply too!" and I was like "who, me?"...and then we batted the idea around for a while, like "OMG can you imagine?" -- entirely hypothetically speaking, of course.

But the seed had been planted.

So a couple of weeks later, I made a video.  30 seconds long (that's all they allow), and just a simple video in the park by our apartment.  I didn't want to spend too much time/effort on it because, I mean, let's be real.  People like me don't win crazy contests.  And who knows if anyone was even going to watch this video.  It was probably going to be emailed off into a black hole in the interwebs never to be spoken of again.  But the opportunity was cool enough and it was easy enough to apply that I thought, why not take an hour of my time to do it.

So I did.  I uploaded the video and (mostly) forgot about it.

And then today, I got an email saying I was "shortlisted" -- I was chosen as ONE OF THE TOP 25 FINALISTS out of 600,000 applicants!!!!!!!

ME!  Shortlisted!

I am a) completely shocked; and b) 100% psyched!  Here's my video if you want to check it out -- but really, you should go here and check out the other 24 videos because those people are like whoa talented.  I can't believe I'm even on the same list as them!  Ahh!

No matter what the outcome is, today is such a welcome reminder to me that if you see something you want, JUST GO FOR IT, even if it seems against all odds.  There are so many opportunities in the world that could be yours for the taking if you just reach out and grab them.

What an unexpected and wonderful surprise!


Amanda said...

This is so exciting! Congratulations on getting shortlisted, and hopefully you'll make it to Australia!

Ashley said...

Thank you so much Amanda! I need all the support I can get :)