Monday, July 30, 2012

Move Over July

July and I have been fighting for the last thirty days.  One food-poisoning experience, a sprained foot and a maybe-broken toe later, I think it has won.

Mostly, I want to kick July in the shins (but that would hurt given the foot injury situation).  And then have a good cry (but I'll spare you that part).  So let's talk about August instead.  August is going to be Epic.  (Understatement.)

August starts with a birthday -- Brian's birthday!  He's turning old.  (But I still like him.)  We're going to Picca with the fam, and then planning a repeat beach cruiser bar crawl with some friends on Sunday.

{this guy}

And this year, Brian's birthday is made even more AWESOME by the arrival of my very best friend Ally in L.A. on that very day!  And she'll be here for an entire month!  There is absolutely nothing like having your best girl friends around.  Nothing.  Living so far apart from her (and my other very best girl friends) after living so closely all through college is something I don't think I'll ever get used to.  So having her here will be such a treat :)

{Me + Ally in Miami for Meli's wedding}

A few weeeks later, I'll be up in San Francisco to celebrate (and photograph!) my friend Emily's wedding at the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley!  I got to visit the venue last weekend and take a few photos of her and her fiance, and I'm super excited for the wedding!  (Thanks guys for giving me a reason to get re-addicted to wedding blogs haha.)

{more engagement pics to come!}

After that, Melissa and Mike are coming to visit L.A.!  I love them and they live far away, so this is quite an event.  It might even call for a pop-up party.  Watch out.

{I'm currently devising ways to make these two fall in love with L.A. and never leave...}

And then.  For the grand finale:  on August 31, Brian and I get on a plane to...
{on top of the Eiffel Tower in 2006} 

and then to...

(Split, Hvar and Korcula to be exact.  Photo of Hvar via.)
We're going for almost 2 weeks, TWO GLORIOUS WEEKS!  I am unreasonably beside myself excited.  Like I checked out French language tapes from the library to listen to in the car, and I have to stop myself from packing even though it's a month away, excited.  And if we don't leave soon I'm afraid I might spend all our savings on "vacation clothes" from ASOS.  It's becoming a problem....

I have so much more to tell you about our travel plans, but it's late for boring people like me and I still have one more day of July to battle through.  So goodnight for now my friends.

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