Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lobby Hero at the Skirball Center

Last Thursday I went with Brian to see Lobby Hero at the Skirball Center.  Skirball.  Say it.  Really, say it.  Isn't it funny?  Anyway, Lobby Hero was supposed to be a play, or so we thought.  It was originally a play on Broadway.  But when we got to the theater room, there was just a stage and three microphones...and then we discovered that we had actually purchased tickets to a recording of Lobby Hero, where the actors would read the lines for a later broadcast over the radio...because people still listen to the radio?  It was unclear.  We exchanged nervous glances, we gauged the other's interest/confusion, and we made an exit plan just in case things got weird.

But turns out, it was actually kind of cool.  The story line involved a murder investigation, a cop-partner romance, infidelity, and somehow humor got worked in there, too.  Once I push the 4th Amendment questions out of my head (I refuse to let BarBrain take over my life), I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed the show.  I think the best part was being able to see the actors watching each other deliver their lines -- it was a cool behind-the-scenes-ish feel.  And of course, Brian got a little giddy about seeing Jimmy Cooper Tate Donovan (don't tell him I told you).

{the cafe where we had some vino}

{Yes, I am wearing a long-legged jumpsuit thingy.  No, I don't actually know what you call that.} 

The cafe opens on to a big open patio with a beautiful pond framed by a loggia.  (What do you even call that in English?  Is it still called a loggia?  Or am I speaking Italian-mumbo-jumbo to you?  Anyway, the covered walkway thing with the columns is what I'm talkin bout.)  And there were lilly pads!  Lilly pads always surprise me.  If you think about it, they are somehow part of common knowledge, but it's unclear why -- I mean, they are pretty rare, at least in the places I frequent (but then again, where would I ever go where there would be lilly pads?).  And they are totally one of crazy-naturey elements that totally make you want to watch an episode of Planet Earth or something (just me?).  I mean, how do they float like that, or are they even floating?  How do they spread or pollinate or whatever?  And how do the stems just grow straight up like that?  And then you add the frogs to the picture and there are just too many questions for my mind.

{this pacing, phone-talking man was clearly determined to thwart every one of my photo-capturing attempts}

Once it got dark at intermission, all the frogs starting ribbiting and it was like we were in the Rainforest Cafe the forest somewhere.  Maaaagical!

{you can't see the frogs, but I swear they were in there!}

The Skirball Center is so beautiful; I'm already looking for an excuse to go back!


Lisa P. said...

And what about Tom Shayes?? Damages shout out! ps you look so pretty in the picture! You know I love a jumpsuit.

Ashley said...

Yay Damages!!! I didn't think anyone would get that reference, but so glad you did! And I totally thought of you when I put on the jumpsuit! Haha! I totally owe you a phone call p.s. I'll get on that.