Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunshine Sunday

Sunday, I woke up and proclaimed that it was the best day of my life.  Why?  Because it was sunny and warm at 8AM!  In June!  I even got a sunburn!  June in San Francisco is usually a fog-a-thon (although I've heard there were a few days of relief in there this year), but yet, every year it still has the same ability to shock and surprise, leaving me with dashed hopes of warmth, and with no recourse but to repetitively and bitterly bemoan the "uncalled for" and stubborn June chill.  So when I woke up on Sunday to skies clear of June Gloom, and temperatures verging on bathing-suit weather, it was all I could do to keep myself from proclaiming my love for the world out my window and then running door to door giving out free hugs.

So I compromised and took my Bar books on a nice little picnic in the park.

This view might just beat out the Ocean Park library (maybe just a little).

{If one must study on a Sunday, it at least can be done like this.}

Brian came, too, and although he tried as usual to avoid the prying lens of my camera, I managed to snap just one.  (That's a GMAT book in case you were wondering -- we are the nerdiest.)

And then, as if my day could get any better, my friend Brittany (we all know her by now, right?) came and picked me up at the park and we went to the Omelette Parlour for brunch.

I had avoided this place because it's decor is just worrisome.  I mean, why are there like 40 American flags in there, and not just on the Fourth of July?  And the wood tables just make me think of jam hands.  And Denny's.  Neither one of which makes me want to eat. 

BUT.  There is a back patio!  Hurrah!  My favorite restaurant accessory!  And so we sat outside, and I was thoroughly delighted by my gigantic breakfast burrito with bacon and avocado and jack cheese.  They didn't skimp on the avo either (new abbrev?).  It's my new fave walkable breakfast place.
{weird interior decor}

And that's not all, folks.  There was a street fair!!!  OK, it was not as exciting as the Union Street Fair, or the North Beach Street Fair (in fact, they didn't even close down the street or anything), but there were some festive touches, like balloons and paper lanterns.  Next time, SM, let's try to get some street food in the mix, OK?

And then I took a quick walk to the beach, just long enough to make my heart turn green with envy as I watched all the normal people frolicking on the warm sand, and to snap a few pictures.

And then it was Monday.  I miss you, already, Brit!

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Vynuss said...

What a great way to spend a Sunday!!! I've got to remember the going to the park to study! Love the blog and all the pictures!!! We've really got to plan a trip out to see you guys!!!