Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Korcula via Wine Tour

A few last views from Korcula...

We went on a "wine tour" while we were in Korcula, mostly because the rental place in town crushed my scooter dreams.  You know what they say.  If you can't drive, drink!  (Just me?)

Anyway.  The tour consisted of us and four other people in a van with a guide and a driver who took us out of town and up in the hills.  We stopped at a few view points, heard a bit about the history of the island, and then drove past/through some vineyards and stopped at a tasting room where we tried a bunch of different wines.

{we climbed up these 101 stairs (before the wine) to get to this pretty little church}
Korcula is known for a white wine that's a bit too acidic and too sweet for my taste, but I take what I can get. Plus it's called postup (pronounced: po-ship), which is just more fun to say than "saw-veen-yawn-blawnk." Apparently it's also quite rare. The postup wine is only grown by two families on the island who own all the vineyard land between them. They grow the grapes, make the wines, and bottle them all themselves! I really wish we could have gone to a vineyard rather than a tasting room, but they didn't really look like they were open to tourists. Which makes me sad, but happy, too -- it's probably better that way.  Like how bars close at 2am.

{aforementioned pretty little church}

Sidenote: our tour lady was super awesome and sassy and I wanted to be her long-distance bff.  She was from Split (the "big city"), had moved to Korcula with her husband, and was as out of place there as a New Yorker in Hawaii.  So great.  I asked her about how she ever went shopping/didn't it cost a bajillion kunas to ship anything there?; Brian asked her how Korcula was affected by the War of Independence...way to kill the mood buddy.  JK(ish).

Now that's a VISTA.  And a good place to end.

Have a lovely Tuesday friends.

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