Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Getty Villa

So I finally went to the Getty Villa.

And it was...OK.

The museum's collection was nothing to rave about, and there wasn't really any juicy info on the actual Getty family (at least not publicly available, and you know I don't have the patience for guided tours).

I guess I thought it would be more like touring the family house mansion, and less like a museum...kind of like the Frick.  But it was most definitely museum-y.

The gardens were pretty, though.  There was even an herb garden with lavender and rosemary and thyme that smelled like Provence (at least the Provence of my imagination...). 

And there was this pool that I just wanted to jump in.

That guy had the right idea. 

Bottom line:  I'm glad I went; I won't be back.  If you're visiting LA, stick to the Getty Center (and bring a picnic!).

P.S.  This marks the last item left to check off all on the "sights" listed on my L.A. List....Does that mean I'm not a tourist anymore?  That I'm a legit L.A. resident??  I'm kind of a little freaking out!

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