Monday, August 27, 2012

Pop-Up Par-tay!

What could be better than dining al fresco with a live band, your best friends, and plenty of wine, and then having an all-out raging dance party with a DJ and a bunch of randoms?  While wearing all white?

Nothing.  Nothing, is the correct answer.  The Pop-Up Party wins.

As per usual in my world, the whole event was a little last minute, a little spontaneous, and no one quite knew if it was all going to work out or not.  But the best thing about low expectations is that they're easy to surpass :)  This time, we blew them out of the water.  (Nicely done, team.)

We got the email at 3:00pm telling us the "secret location" for the party was the lawn of the National History Museum.  Obviously, my first move was to go buy some wine (and then promptly break a bottle by tripping on the stairs in my apartment building).

Then there was the usual "what do I wear?" chaos, except this time restricted by an all-white dress code.  I only have one white dress, so that was that, but mostly, I was excited to break out my brand new hair donut!  (I'm obsessed!)  We finally got ourselves together around 5:30pm and headed to Thyme Cafe to pick up some (delicious) picnic-y food.

I grabbed the white tulips I randomly had in my apartment for the table and picked up some tea lights at the dollar store.

When we got there at 7:00pm, almost all the tables were set up already and there were so many people!  A lot of the tables were totally decked out with elaborate floral arrangements, beautiful candelabras, and one even had silver serving plates.  It was all so glamorous!  (We decided our table was the "ghetto" table -- a plastic table cloth, and tea lights in plastic glasses!  Haha!)

We found two people who were sitting alone and joined their table, and they turned out to be really really great!  We all chatted and shared food, and swapped info at the end of the night.  In a place like L.A., where people are not always open and friendly, it was just such a welcome surprise.

Before and after dinner, all the guests do the "napkin waive" where everyone swings their white napkins around over their heads and cheers.  So after the sun set and we ate all our food, we waived our napkins...

...and then it was time to dance!

It was an epic dance party, and an epic night.  I hope it happens again next year!


Anonymous said...

Hey, you were right behind us! In the 6th picture, behind you to your left, you can see a table with a tall silver candlestick, and Eiffel Tower-based champagne flutes filled with pink bubbles - that's us!

Ashley said...

How funny!!! Your table was beautiful! Hope you had as great a time as we did!

Linda@Plastic glasses said...

Wow! What a party day! Nice and cute smiling pictures.

Peachtree Ink said...

What a charming photos!very nice.