Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It was 8am when I woke up yesterday morning, although to me it felt like noon.  The summer sun was bursting through the shutters above our bed and the water was already boiling for the French press.  It smelled like eggs.


Ashleyyyyy, your egg sandwich is ready!!!!

And I was up.

I had an unexpected day off yesterday, which is really the best kind of day off, isn't it?

It started with that egg sandwich, done just the way I (and Joanna) like.  And it ended with citrus-poached salmon (my first time poaching anything!), asparagus with lemon and toasted almonds, and avocado toast.  That's right, I COOKED.  Count it people -- TWO home-cooked meals in one day (two more than I've had in months)!

In between those delicious meals, there was some Olympics watching, pinning, and general internet stalking.  And there was coffee (not in a to-go cup), sipped while lounging on my balcony in the too-early-to-be-this-hot sunshine with a view of the ocean.  Ohh the luxury!

There was also some tramping around town for a bit to do all those things -- the ones you know you should do but you never do because well, you've got better things to do.  I did them all.  And then screamed "I'M FREEEEE!!!" at the top of my lungs while balloons and confetti fell from the sky (in my head).

There was sushi and coconut water for lunch on my roof, with some Elle magazine on the side.  (You know it's been too long since you read a magazine when you start tearing out all the pages "to keep" because everything is "so pretty!")

And then there was book reading, and beach laying on perhaps the most perfect beach day we've had all summer.  I remembered what the ocean sounds like.

And then I had the most lovely glass of rosé with a friend at Shutters.  While it was still light outside!  Imagine that.

The world really did stand still.

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