Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Win

This weekend was L.A. living at its best.  A crisp and sunny morning run on the beach, a simple and delicious brunch at FarmShop (insta-fave), a wander through the Brentwood Country Mart, and Christmas shopping for all my favorite people made me smile.  And then there was a tree-lighting, a panattone shared with friends, and a healthy dose of wine for a festive Saturday night.

And a new apartment to start off our Sunday.  Oh yes!  We signed a new lease!  For a place with a view!  We're not moving till January, but I already have so many ideas - it's distracting, really.  But this place is awesome, guys.  There's a loft and a roof deck and a fireplace and a balcony and a microwave and a dishwasher!  A DISHWASHER.  You should come visit.  And use all the plates and cups you want.

{why yes, that is the Pacific over there behind those palm trees}

To top it all off, there was an impromptu stop at Shutters on the Beach for some oysters, wine, and an incredible Sunday sunset.

The whole weekend stretched on like a holiday.  A wonderful, wonderful weekend.

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