Monday, December 19, 2011


We went to Hollywood on Saturday night, and this is what happened:

(Necessary soundtrack)
{via YouTube}

{thanks to Tim for the tickets!}

If you played the soundtrack up at the top, then you don't need me to explain how freaking amazing Deadmau5 is (and if you didn't, you're missing out)!  The Hard X Mouth Taped Shut concert (and Sony promotional event for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - CANNOT WAIT) was the most insane, exhilarating, all around most fun party/concert ever!  Like the kind where you can't help but jump like you did when you were 11 at the Blink182 concert but it's ok because everyone around you is jumping and you're all part of a giant pulsing techno mass and you feel like maybe all those feet landing at once might actually be part of the beat and you can't help but be happier than ever before.  You know what I mean?

Thanks, again, L.A. for my second totally unexpected and awesome music experience this week (the first is here)!

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