Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Photos

You know how you know when you're working too much?  When you only make it to #5 on your advent calendar by the time Christmas rolls around.  Who doesn't have time for chocolate?  Geez, what am I doing with my life, letting important things like advent calendaring slide like that?

Anyway, I'm back from a festive, fabulous holiday break, and feeling like I can finally bear to look at my computer screen again.  And I do have some Christmas recaps for you this week!

But I should warn you, if you're expecting some adorable post about how I went to a Christmas tree farm in my wellies and plaid scarf and chopped down the most imperfectly perfect Christmas tree and then put it up in my effortlessly Crate&Barrel-catalogued (yeah, I just verbed that) apartment while listening to Charlie Brown Christmas or something, you might be a little disappointed.  Those types of Christmases only happen on [other] blogs.  But if you're looking for some real life funny, I've got your back.  Well, really, my whole fam does.  This is what happens when we try to take a family photo:

{please note my dad on the far right, trying to capture this precious moment}

{Tebowing...I give up}
{all you need is a light chokehold to keep us in line!}

Nothing like home for the holidays.

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