Thursday, December 1, 2011

Still 18 at Heart

I'm pretty sure this song is supposed to make me at least roll my eyes, or shake my head in disapproval at the degenerate state of youth and the music industry today, or something like that.  But instead, it makes me want to dig a red solo cup out of my cabinets (we always have an emergency supply), raise it valiantly in salute to Toby Keith, and shout "PROCEED TO PARTY!"  That probably says something about my maturity (what maturity?), but for reals guys, this song just makes me so unexpectedly happy.

{OK, I'm not vouching for the video guys, just the song.  Chill.}

I bet this is now the unofficial soundtrack to life on every college campus right now, and ohhhh, how I wish I could be there, singing along, saluting the greatness of a life of irresponsibility.  There's not much I wouldn't trade for a few more years of college glory.

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