Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anniversary Present

Picture books are all the rage in anniversary presents these days.  I swear, everyone is getting them and giving them (OK, maybe it's just Joanna, but she counts as "everyone" to me), and I am no exception to the trend.  Here's a peek into the book of pictures and vows I made for Brian on Blurb.com (we exchanged gifts yesterday so that we wouldn't have to tote them all the way to Turkey with us)!

{engagement and wedding pics by Leonel Medrano and Iris Bai; others by friends/randoms/self-timer}

*Ummm, that should say September 18th (not 19th)...details are not my strong suit.  At least he didn't notice.

{ceremony readings} 

{our vows + pics from Year 1}

Their software was easy to use, and lets you mix words with pictures (unlike Pinhole Press, the company Joanna used), their prices are reasonable, and the quality of the book is impeccable.  I would definitely recommend them!

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